Engaging Activities for Dementia Patients in Home Care

Who says you can’t make new memories with Dementia? Home care patients, especially those with Dementia, deserve the best of care services that include creative activities. Fun puzzles, quizzes, and engaging games, you name it. Studying cognitive-enhancing activities will come in handy in case you get a home care package from aged care Victoria agencies.

Importance of Physical Engagement

Physically activities benefit both carers and home care patients. This is backed by a case study that investigated the positive effects of physical activities for Dementia patients. Activities can range from indoor types to community events.

Outdoor Activities – Community Events

Community events are great venues for getting to know relevant people and organisations. For instance, if you reside in the suburbs of Victoria, participating in physical and socially engaging activities that Victoria aged care facilities provide will lead you to groups who have the similar conditions with your loved one.

Furthermore, activities conducted by smaller communities are more likely to prompt other Victorian aged care agencies to launch bigger and more productive activities. They might also include ability-sensitive activities for the patients. This is an opportunity for sharing solutions and recommendations for the improvement of home care patients.

As for those Dementia patients who are under home aged care in Victoria, don’t forget to focus on the educational side of the activities, as they can definitely help in regaining their long-suppressed skills and enthusiasm for life.

Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

Community partnership is a significant aspect of the Australian aged care system because the Commonwealth government mandates consumer-centric policies in the aged sector since 2015 through the CDC.

CDC mandates that the service delivery of home care packages to clients must be consumer-centric. It means that the consumers’ (aged citizens) needs and desires should be prioritised at all times.

If you’re looking for aged care Victoria agencies, don’t hesitate to contact your doctor and inquire about the ACAT assessment. A physician can help you prepare for the eligibility assessment. The results of this assessment will then refer you to viable aged care Victorian agencies in your area that provide home care packages.  Check Arcare for more details.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been visited yet by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) in your home for the eligibility assessment, you can do these indoor activities with your housebound Dementia loved one:

Indoor activities 

Word games – You, your Dementia patient, and their carer can recall words and phrases through games like Finish the Saying, Name The Body Parts, and Find the linking Word. All of these games’ rules are easy to find on the web. Remember to praise your loved one’s correct answers and take it easy when they get it wrong.

Art therapy – Art activities are for those Dementia patients who are in their early and middle stages. These type of activities might help them recall the suppressed skills they may have. You can paint plain pots, colour storybooks, turn rusty hangers to silk ribbon hangers or make a recycled collage.

Simple house chores with a twist – For instance, sort old letters, film photos, and dishes according to any category you like. You can also bake pastries together and have an elderly help squeeze the icing on the cookies.

Tactile-touch – Tactile activities are ideal for those in their final Dementia stages because these activities don’t require much effort or movement, only touching. Some examples are touching textured books, pets, pat mats, scented pillows, and even stuff toys.

For more info, visit https://arcare.com.au/melbourne-aged-care/search-aged-care-victoria/