Observing the Proper Hotel Etiquette for Stress-Free Hotel Stays with your Furry Family Member

As pet parents, when planning for business trips or preparing for a family holiday, we instantly think about the welfare of our pets. Be it a furry, four-legged, or feathered friend, their best interests should always be kept in mind because it is your responsibility. If getting a pet sitter is out of the question, you can always tag your furry family member along the trip. For instance, if you need to go to Australia, there are numerous pet friendly accommodation crescent head in NSW to choose from that will gladly house you and your pet. But this wonderful bonding experience can only be either a successful or a not so pleasant one; sadly, there is no in-between. The proper planning and preparation need to be done to ensure your pet’s safety when on a trip.

Always check if your pet is suited for travel

It is widely-known fact that not all animals like traveling, whether in a car, boat or plane. There are various factors to consider like physical impairments or your pet’s temperament. If you don’t have any experience yet or if you’re unsure, you can always consult with your trusted veterinarian. Your vet will give a certificate to you that you can hand over to the airplane crew, boat supervisors, hotel staff at NSW pet friendly accommodation crescent head and other accommodations to guarantee your admission.

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Once you have determined that your pet is safe to travel, read and observe these relevant pet travel tips to assure your travel experience will be a fun and enjoyable one:

1. Always abide by the pet friendly accommodation’s rules as a sign of respect. Even the best pet friendly accommodation crescent head has today has some limitations. They may be friendly towards your pets, but they will not allow pets on furniture due to the risk of damage. Make sure to cover any furniture and beds that your pet is not allowed to use.

2. Some pets are disciplined enough that they have exact times when they go potty. If your pet is like that, always make sure to book a room by an exit or a room situated on the ground floor of the pet friendly accommodation. Taking your pet out for bathroom breaks will be easier with this.

3. Before you leave for the trip, give your pet a good de-flea and de-tick bath for preventative flea and tick control. You don’t want to be the reason that the accommodation will change their pet friendly policy, right? Pests like fleas and ticks are a big no-no to leave behind since these pests can go on the beds and furniture and multiply there. Plus, these pests are hard to get rid of.

4. When pets are introduced into a new room with unfamiliar smells, they may go under stress. This stress may lead them to commit an “accident” indoors even though they are well potty-trained. Always be prepared for these types of accidents by bringing a rag to clean up after your pet. There are also dog and cat diapers available to purchase.

5. When entering dining areas, and other parts of the hotel, make sure you keep your pet on a leash as to not endanger or scare people who aren’t keen with animals. For more details, just visit at http://www.pointbreakrealty.com.au