Prevent Misuse of Over the Counter Drugs by Visiting After Hours Doctors

New research by NPS Medicinewise demonstrates that 12 for each penny of Australians have exceeded the prescribed daily dosage of some generally utilized drugs. The research found that 6 % of individuals consuming paracetamol-codeine tablets and 9 % of those taking ibuprofen-codeine tablets have surpassed the prescribed maximum dose for a day. Surpassing the recommended day by day dosage of these medications may affect the liver, kidneys, and stomach. That is why visiting any local specialist like a Brisbane after hours doctor is recommended so you can help prevent complications that are not easily reversible.

brisbane after hours doctor
brisbane after hours doctor

In prominent areas of Australia like Brisbane, individuals like to access Brisbane after hours doctor services due to various reasons. If you want to ensure your health is in tip-top shape, visiting any after hours doctor is ideal. No need to rely on over the counter drugs to relieve whatever symptoms you may have in the middle of the night. You will have professional supervision and receive the right prescription drugs for any ailment. Below are top reasons why visiting Brisbane after hours doctor is an ideal choice.

  • These services offer a direct response, and a doctor is available to handle your concerns. They can even pay you a visit if your condition is really worse and you have difficulty in mobility.
  • Most of after hours general practice doctors offer 100% bulk billing. This is an advantage if you are a Medicare or DVA member so your medical services and doctors fees will be covered.
  • A Brisbane after hours doctor may be accessible from 6 pm to 8 am and on weekends. They are also open even on public holidays. Accordingly, you don’t have to miss your work routine to obtain a physical check up even for serious medical problems as you can utilize the after-hours.
  • Even if your after-hours doctor attends your health concerns and visits your home during after hours, rest assured that they also coordinate with your attending physician. This is called co-management of your health to ensure that you receive prompt and accurate treatment and diagnosis.
  • Some privately owned businesses in Brisbane who offer extensive GP after hours benefits additionally broaden their service benefits by providing a free prescription for any emergency health situations during the night. Hence, you can depend on their solutions with no cost for a single night when you receive home treatment by a home visiting doctor after regular office hours.

After hours medical centres and clinics provide all therapeutic services available during the day. No need to stress out on the lack of qualified doctors in case anyone in your family needs emergency help. Taking advantage of after hours medical services and facilities will ensure that you and your loved ones receive proper care and pain relief.

Calling after hours doctors is more convenient than going to emergency departments right away. If you ever need an emergency procedure, your after hours doctor will make necessary recommendations for you to receive prompt treatment in an emergency facility. You can easily find after hours doctor in Brisbane and surrounding area when you search online. You can also visit for more details.